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Week 1 Results

Week 1 is in the books. Congratulations to James Bowman, Fred Murray, and Ben Washington for having the low round in the season's first event. Darnell Head, the 2015 Spring Shootout Champion and 2015 Club Champion also had a strong round as he begins defense of his championships. A number of guys got off to a solid start but could not maintain that good play. Surprisingly, half the field failed to break 100-Literally! Perhaps, start-of-the-season adrenalin and rust should be the blame.

Nonetheless, it will be interesting to see if the frontrunners can back up their good performances in week 2. It will be just as intriguing to see who all will bounce back from their lackluster play. With this season projected to be the most competitive one ever AGMG has ever had, guys cannot afford to play poorly too often.

Featured Post

Each week the Featured Post section will highlight a key moment in the week's event. This week's spotlight is the number of guys who came to play for the season's opening event. 24 guys showed which is a record number to begin the season.

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