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Week 4 - Warrior Cup 1 Results

The season's first Warrior's Cup event was everything that it was expected to be--well, almost everything. The weather for the first time since the season has begun was absolutely gorgeous. The course was in great shape and the field was the largest one of the season up to this point. 29 guys jump started the first Warrior's Cup event in hopes of the being the champion at the end of season and at the very least finishing in the top spots which will guarantee a spot on the Unity Cup roster.

Congratulations to a former club champion, Alton Thomas for placing first in this week's event. Alton makes a his season's debut in emphatic fashion. Alton's never made worse than a double on his scored which proved to be the difference in overtaking James Bowman, Ben Washington, and Darnell Head. There would have been more guys in contention but they failed to avoid the big numbers. Just about every player in the field outside the top 3 players this week carded a triple bogey or worse that made the difference in his round. This week came down to those who were able to manage their game the

best on a course that rewarded good shots

and severely punished the ones who tried

be heroes instead doing damage control

and moving on the the next hole.

Next week''s event will be the first man-on-man

match play event schedule to take place at

Eagle Ridge. This will be the first time that AGMG

will be playing this format during the season.

Featured Post

Each week the Featured Post section will highlight a key moment in the week's event. This week's spotlight is the number of guys who came to play for the season's opening event. 24 guys showed which is a record number to begin the season.

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