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Week 5 Results - Match Play

Week 5 was ground-breaking for AGMG. The club played its first ever regular season match play event. There were eleven matches. On paper each match looked very even. However, that was not case. While it is safe to say there were not any major upsets, it is


surprising that only two of the eleven match went the full 18 holes. Those

who played in the event gained some very valuable

experience in this format. This was a golden opportunity

to scratch the win column. Nine guys took advantage of

that opportunity and posted their first win of the season.

The great thing about this event is it was truly every man

for himself and not every man against the field. Congratulations

to all of those who won and better luck next time to those who fail

short. As we embrace the experience and grow from it, hopefully

the next match play event will be more competitive from top to bottom

and yield more storylines.

Featured Post

Each week the Featured Post section will highlight a key moment in the week's event. This week's spotlight is the number of guys who came to play for the season's opening event. 24 guys showed which is a record number to begin the season.

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