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Week 6 Results - 7th Annual Spring Shootout

After taking a week off, AGMG was in full swing this week with its 7th Annual 27-hole Spring Shootout tournament. The event played dual roles as it was also a Warrior's Cup event. Congratulations goes out to Alton Thomas. Alton took first place and it was also his second Warrior's Cup win in a row. James Bowman finished one stroke behind Thomas to take second place overall and first place in the Prospect flight. Thomas and Bowman seem to be in complete control as no one else came within eight strokes of either one of them.

The race for second place was easily the most competitive of the day as five guys were separated by 4 strokes. A number of guys started out strong and placed themselves in position to contend early on but in the end they gave way to not only the physical fatigue but also the mental exhaustion that comes with playing a 27 hole marathon with high stakes.

New this year and a tournament first was the introduction of the B Flight. Congratulations to Mike Harris for finishing first in the B Flight. Everett Flakes finally scratches the hardware column with his second place finish.

This week AGMG will welcome its second man-on-man match play event of the season at Pearl Municipal. There is no doubt the competition this season is deeper than it is has ever been and there are a lot of hungry guys. However, what is different this year than in years past is mistakes are more costly this season. The guys who have the most consistent game are the ones who will find themselves in the hunt at the Summer Classic and in the Club Championship.

Featured Post

Each week the Featured Post section will highlight a key moment in the week's event. This week's spotlight is the number of guys who came to play for the season's opening event. 24 guys showed which is a record number to begin the season.

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