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Camaraderie * Competition * Community
We Are
 Good Men Golf Association


GMGA understands the many similarities that the game of golf and life share. Golf parallels many of life’s values. The game of golf acquaints core values such as the importance of hard work ethic, accountability, respect, honesty, integrity, patience, and punctuality just to name of a

few. Through the game of golf not only are life lessons learned but fellowship is promoted and friendships are forged that have a life-long impact.

The only thing that surpasses the competition in the organization is the camaraderie and the pride that is exemplified when giving back to the community. While the season itself is seven plus months long, beginning in March and concluding with the annual club championship in October, the camaraderie is year round. Golf is the common denominator that brings the guys together but the friendships extend beyond the golf course along with the desire to be change agents in our community.


"Our Community Matters"
GMGA partnered up with Voice of Calvary Ministries and Fox 40 News for its 1st Annual Christmas Bike Drive. The effort resulted in a 107 kids getting a bike for Christmas.
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"Giving Back to Our Community"
GMGA partnered with First Tee of Central Mississippi for its first annual charity golf tournament which enabled the organization to make a positive impact on the lives of our youth and aid in growing the game of golf. 
         2023 Kick-off Meeting

"If you fail to plan then plan to fail"

Benjamin Franklin

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